News from 2008

December 2008

  • LKA is the last championship show of the year held at the NEC, Birmingham. Lynn and I packed up the car and set off early for the long drive down. Our judge for the day was Mrs Marina Walker ‘Barughgreen’.

    Honey was first up in the Junior class which she won and Molly was placed 4th in a large Limit class. Lynn also won Limit dog with Seamus so a successful trip was had by our car and what a laugh we had on the journey home (ask Lynn if you speak to her)!!

October 2008

  • Chester Le Street held and open show at Birtley today and our judge for the day was Mrs Julie Woodcock ‘Roddwood’.

    Honey and Molly were both in the same class which Honey won and Molly was placed second. Honey was then declared Best of breed and was awarded Group 1 under group judge Mr Jim Woodcock ‘Roddwood’.

    With thanks to both judges for their placings today.

September 2008

  • Scottish Beagle Club held their open show at Rigside today and Lynn and I decided to venture north to support judge Kath Parkin (Flurries).

    Honey was placed 2nd in Puppy Bitch and Molly was placed 3rd in Limit Bitch. Although we didn't win any classes today we really enjoyed the day out!!!

September 2008 Honey SBC.jpg
  • Doug Hall (Cliffmere) was giving CC's at Driffield Champ show today.

    Molly was placed 4th in a large Limit Bitch class and Honey was awarded 1st in Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch and finally Best Puppy in Breed!! She also gained the last point for her Junior Warrant so is now Emzibobs Honeybun of Stormpasture JW !!!

    Thanks to Mr Hall for these placings.


  • Four Counties Beagle Club held their open show today and although I am on the committee and should have been at the show my cousin decided to get married today and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!! As such I was unable to attend the show but asked my good friend Lynn Bailey (Salenko) if she would take Molly to the show for me.

    The judge for the day was Dawn Banks (Forgebanks) and she placed Molly 1st in Limit Bitch and was awarded Reserve Best Bitch. As always my thanks go to Lynn for her expert handling on the day!!!

March 2008 Molly FCBC.jpg

August 2008

  • Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club held their Championship show today at Tollerton and our judge for bitches was Pat Sutton (Rossut).

    Molly was placed 4th in a large Limit Bitch class and Honey was 1st in Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch.

    With thanks to our judge for her placings today.


  • Sedgefield held an open show as part of the Agricultural show today in the most awful weather!!

    Despite the pouring rain Honey was 1st in Junior, Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Group 2 and Puppy Group 1 !!!

    With thanks to our judge for the day Mrs Margaret Jamieson for a fabulous day.


July 2008

  • At the Beagle Association Champ Show held at Digwell, Hertfordshire,

    Honey was placed 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch under breed specialist Mrs Wendy Hall (Cliffmere). See Honey and Molly's page for pics from the show.


  • What a day for Honey!! It was East of England Championship show today at Peterborough and our judge for Beagles was Mrs Denise Ashmore (Buttermere).

    Honey was awarded 1st in the Puppy Bitch class, Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed and most importantly she was awarded the BCC!!! A fabulous achievement at only 8 1/2 months old.

    Our sincere thanks go to Mrs Ashmore for such a wonderful day.


  • We went to an open show on Saturday, Eston and Barnaby, where our judge was Mr Alan Mease. He awarded Honey Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2!!

    Then on Sunday we braved the rain at Lanchester Agricultural show where Mrs Marie Morrison was judging the hounds. She awarded Honey Best Puppy and Puppy Group 1!! We were delighted with this win and would also like to congratulate Lynn Bailey (Salenko) on BOB with Seamus and Group 1. I bet there aren't many Beagles who do the double!!

    Many thanks to the judges both days for Honey's awards. (See Honey's page for some pics)


  • South Wales Kennel Association held it's Championship show down in Usk this week. I was unable to get the time off work to go to the show so Brian Foster and Lynn Bailey came to my rescue again taking Honey and Molly for me.

    Our judge for the day was Mrs Barbara Rodderick (Barterhound) and she awarded Honey 1st in Puppy Bitch and Molly 4th in Limit Bitch.

    With thanks to the judge and of course Brian & Lynn for their taxi duties again!!!


June 2008

  • Border Union Championship Show was held at Kelso this weekend. Our judge for the day was Breed specialist Mrs Veronica Bradley (Dufosee).

    She awarded Honey 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch, Izzy who was making a rare appearance was 2nd in Post Grad Bitch and Molly was 3rd in limit Bitch!

    A fabulous day with thanks to Mrs Bradley for our placings. Perhaps Izzy will make a few more appearances later this year!!


  • Today was my birthday and what a present I got!! Mrs Janet Lee (Janlees) was judging our breed at Three Counties Championship Show at Malvern. I was unable to get the day off work so Brain Foster & Lynn Bailey came to the rescue and took Molly and Honey to the show for me.

    Honey was placed 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch and Molly was 1st in Limit bitch. She then went into the challenge and was awarded the Reserve Challenge Certificate!!!

    This is the second RCC Mrs Lee has awarded Molly and our sincere thanks go to her for this. Molly now has 1CC & 4RCC's!!!


  • South West Durham CS held an open show at Scorton this weekend. Our beagle judge for the day was Mrs Y Forbes (Ekland).

    She awarded Honey 1st in Junior, Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed! For the group Mrs Ada Anderson (Rossmaith) awarded Honey Group 2 and Puppy Group 1 and finally to end a wonderful day Honey was declared Reserve Best Puppy In Show by Mr J McGhie (Keillor).

    With many thanks to all the judges today.


May 2008

  • This weekend was a very busy one. It started on Saturday with Tyne, Wear & Tees Hound Show which is held twice a year at Sherburn. Our judge was Mrs Sandy Platt (Charbonnel).

    Honey was first winning the puppy class, Izzy won Limit and Molly won Open!! I had to round up some volunteer handlers for the challenge (thanks to Joy & Chris) and Molly was awarded BOB and Honey BP.

    We then had the long wait for all the other breed judging to be completed and for Best In Show to start. The judge for this was Mr Brian Henry (Joginder) and to my delight he awarded Molly reserve Best In Show.

    Here is a snap shot of her with some of the rosettes she won. With huge thanks to both judges for a wonderful day.

May 2008 Molly TW&T.jpg
  • On Monday was Bath Championship Show and the judge for the day was Mrs Jill Peak (Bayard).

    The weather was terrible with horizontal rain blowing through the tents the rings and benches we were in. Honey was placed first in MPB and then declared Best Puppy Bitch and finally Best Puppy in Breed!!!

    Another wonderful day (excpept for the weather!!). The perfect end to a great weekend!!


  • This weekend we were at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show at Ingliston near Edinburgh. Our judge for the day was Mrs Pamela Marston-Pollock who was awarding CC's for the first time.

    Honey was placed 4th in Minor Puppy and Molly won her Limit class!!

    Congratulations also to my travelling buddies, Lynn and Brian, who also won their respective classes with Seamus and Cappy.


  • This weekend we made the long journey to Bridgwater in Somerset for Devon & Cornwall BC Championship Show. We set off on Saturday and headed for the caravan where five of us were staying with a total of 11 beagles!!

    Here is a picture of them all looking for food, typical beagles!!

May 2008 d&c all dogs.jpg

The show was on Sunday and after a lovely breakfast we started the long drive to the show, all 10 minutes of it!!! Our judge for the bitches was Mrs Jane Miller (Semeru) who had travelled even further than us to be at the show as she lives in Australia!!

Honey was first up in a minor puppy class of 17 and after being shortlisted was placed 1st, qualifying for Crufts at her first Championship show!! Molly was in Limit with an entry of 22 and was placed 3rd.

Honey then had to challenge for best puppy bitch which she won and was finally declared Reserve Best Puppy In Show by referee Mr Mick Carpenter. A fabulous day which won't be forgotten.

Here is a picture of Honey with myself and the judge Mrs Jane Miller after the show.

May 2008 Honey d&c.jpg

April 2008

  • Emzibobs Honeybun at Stormpasture or Honey for short, will make her debut in the ring this month. She is owned in partnership by Brian Foster of Stormpasture Beagles and myself. Look out for news on her first show on her page.


  • Today was Sunderland & District open show at Jarrow, Honey's first show, and our judge was Miss Roz Livesey (Shalazsar Afghans).

    Honey was first up in the Junior class which she won, Izzy was next in Post Graduate which she won and lastly Molly was in Open which she won!!

    Molly took best of breed and Honey was best puppy. We waited for the group and to our delight Molly was Group 2 and Honey was Puppy Group 2 an excellent performance for her first ever show and an excellent day for the Breskar/Stormpasture team!!


March 2008

  • This is the time of year when the whole dog world gets together at the greatest dog show Crufts which is held at the NEC at Birmingham. Both Molly and Izzy qualified to go to Crufts and so we set off on the long drive at 3am!!

    We had had a change of judge for the Beagles as Mr Holland was unable to keep his appointment due to ill health. Mrs Sally Kimber stepped in and had a fantastic entry of 255!!

    Izzy was first up in Post Grad bitch and with 21 bitches in the class I didn’t hold out a lot of hope and as such relaxed in the class. I think this really helped as Izzy was really calm and showed her socks off!! She was short listed and finally placed 3rd which automatically qualifies her to go to Crufts next year.

    Here is a pic of her waiting for her critique to be done.

March 2008 Izzy Crufts.jpg

Molly was in the next class Mid Limit with strong competition of 18 other bitches.

My good friend Brian Foster of Stormpasture Beagles offered to show Molly for me in her class which I agreed to as he is a fantastic handler. Sure enough Molly was short listed and was then placed 1st!!

March 2008 Molly Crufts.jpg

What a memorable day never to be forgotten. (Photos by Paul Smith)

January 2008

  • Tyne Wear & Tees Hound Club have a special competition night where a mystery judge is invited to declare Hound of the Year, Puppy of the Year and Veteran of the Year.

    To qualify for the event you have to have won BOB, BOS or BP at one of the two open shows they hold each year. It is run on a match system (one dog against each other) and each match is decided by drawing numbers out of a hat so you never know who you will meet.

    The Hound of the Year match was held at Bowburn and the mystery judge was Mr Mike Lancashire who has Drishaun Afghans.

    Molly (Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar ShCM) had qualified by being awarded BOB under Mrs Lorna Binks at the show in November and after about ten rounds she was finally declared Hound of the Year!! A fantastic achievement!!

January 2008 Molly HOTY.jpg
  • The following day at Houghton Le Spring CS under judge Mrs Kathleen Cooper (Caurniehill) Izzy is placed 3rd in Post Grad and Molly wins Open.

    She then goes on to win the Hound Group to finish off a wonderful weekend.