News from 2009

December 2009

  • Sunderland and District CS held their open show today at Hedworthfield and our judge for the day was Mrs Clare Clark, Geclanjo.

    Izzy won the Graduate class and Molly was 3rd in Open. With thanks to our judge for these awards.

November 2009

  • Unfortunately Molly was quite poorly this month so we have had some time off from showing. She is now fully recovered and rearing to get back in the ring!!

October 2009

  • What a fantastic day we had at Midland Counties!! Our judge for the day was Mrs Ada Anderson, Rossmaith.

    First up was Izzy who was awarded 2nd in a large Post grad class of 20 qualifying her for Crufts 2010. Next in the ring was Honey who won a Limit class of 14, and then last but not least Molly was in an Open class of 11 and won too!!

    This meant that both Molly and Honey were in the challenge for the CC, which to my delight was awarded to Honey and Molly was awarded the RCC!! Honey then went on to BOB and was short listed in the group under breed specialist Mrs Marion Spavin, Dialynne.

    With huge thanks to our judges today for such a fantastic day!! Honey now has 4 CC’s and Molly has 1 CC and 6RCC’s.


  • What a weekend!!! Lynn and I packed up the car and set off for what we knew would be a long trip, first stop being Driffield champ show at Wetherby racecourse. Our judge for the day was Mr Jim Woodcock "Roddwood".

    Honey was first up in Limit and she was placed first. Molly was playing with the big girls in Open and although she showed well for me wasn't placed today. Honey was back in for the bitch challenge and to my absolute delight she was awarded her 3rd and crowning CC & BOB!!! This meant we had to go into the group and although Honey showed her socks off we got no further today. Subject to KC confirmation she is now Ch Emzibobs Honeybun At Stormpasture JW ShCm.

    A fantastic day, one of the best of my life, my first Champion!! With massive thanks to Mr Woodcock for making it such a special day. (Some pics from the day are below.)

October 2009 Honey Driffield CC & BOB 1.
October 2009 Honey Driffield Group.jpeg
  • After the group we packed up the car and set off on the second leg of our journey, the long drive to Cardiff!! We had a good journey and arrived in time to meet up with Dee and Paul for dinner.

    The following morning we made the short drive (less than a mile!!) from our hotel to Welsh Beagle Club champ show where our judge was Mrs Liz Calikes "Newlin".

    Honey was first up again and was placed 1st in mid limit, then Molly pulled out all the stops to be placed 2nd in a very strong limit class. An excellent end to a fantastic weekend!! With thanks to Mrs Calikes for these awards.

August 2009

  • Today was Northern & Midland Counties BC Champ show at Tollerton, one of my favourite shows. Our judge for bitches was Mr Colin Lomax "Lowyck".

    Honey stayed at home today as she was in season but Izzy made a rare appearance instead along with Molly. Izzy has been out of the ring for a year and although she wasn't placed today in post graduate she showed really well, as if she'd never been away from the ring. A picture is below.

    Molly was next up in another strong limit class and to my delight she was placed 1st!! With thanks to Mr Lomax for this award. A picture is below.

August 2009 Izzy NMCBC.jpg
August 2009 Molly NMCBC.jpg
  • What a start to the month!!  Honey went to Paignton Champ show with Brian, as I had to work. Our judge for the day was Mr Stephen Dewhurst who gave me the CC with Molly the last time he judged. I hoped he would like Honey, as she is half sister to Molly.

    I was over the moon when I received the phone call from Brian to say she had been awarded the CC, her second, and Best of Breed!!! She then went into the Hound Group, which was judged by Mr Stuart Milner, and to my delight he awarded her Group 4!!!

    With huge thanks to both judges for thinking so highly of her and to Brian for making the very long but very worthwhile journey. I hope to have a photo soon.

July 2009

  • Today was Leeds Champ show and our judge for the day was Mr Ken Burgess (Dufosee). Molly stayed at home today so Honey had a day out with me on her own.  She showed really well and was 3rd in Limit, with thanks to Mr Burgess for this placing.


  • This weekend Lynn and I made the long journey to Digswell for the Beagle Association Champ show. The judge for the bitches was Debbie Taylor (Deaconfield).

    Honey was first up in Yearling and was placed 2nd. Molly was is a large Limit class and after being short-listed was awarded VHC.


June 2009

  • Today was Border Union Champ show and our judge for the day was Mr Deryck Player (Lyndex).

    I decided to go to the show with Honey and Molly, Honey was first up in Limit and was awarded 2nd place. Molly was in her second Open bitch class and was also placed 2nd. This put me in a situation I’d never been in before, standing on the ringside with both my girls waiting to see if I’d be called in to challenge for the reserve CC.

    The Open winner was awarded the CC so Molly and I were back in and to my delight Molly was awarded the RBCC!! This brings her total to 1 CC and 5 RCC’s.

    With thanks to Mr Player for a wonderful day!! A photo with Mr Player is below.

June 2009 Molly BU RBCC.jpg
  • Today was the Beagle Club Champ show and Brian took Honey down to show under our judge Pat Clayton (Barvae). This was only Honey’s second Limit class. She showed really well and was awarded 1st place!! With thanks to our judge for this.


  • At SKC under judge Dr Ron James (Jasmorne) Honey was placed 4th in Limit and Molly was 3rd in her first Open class. With thanks to Dr James for these placings.

May 2009

  • Today was Devon & Cornwall Champ Show at Bridgwater in Somerset. Lynn and I made the long drive down the previous day and stayed at a local dog friendly caravan near by with 4 other adults and 16 beagles!!

    Honey was first up in Yearling where she was placed 5th and Molly was short listed in a large Limit class but got no further. Even though we didn’t come home with any major awards we had a fab weekend!!

    Some pics of Molly and Honey at the show are below.

May 2009 Honey D&Cornwall.jpg
May 2009 Molly D&Cornwall.jpg

April 2009

  • Today was Sunderland & District Open Show at Hedworthfield and what a day it turned out to be!! Our judge today was Mr Jim Linden ‘Bruadair’.

    He placed Honey first in Junior and Molly was 3rd in Open. Honey then went on to be awarded Best of Breed. We had to wait for the Group, which was judged by Ms Sue Campbell ‘Nyassa’, and Honey was placed Group 1. Ms Campbell also judged Best in Show and to my delight Honey won top honours!!

    With huge thanks to our judges for such a fabulous day!! Here is a pic from the show.

April 2009 Honey Sunderland BIS.jpg
  • Lynn and I had a lovely drive to Berwick today for Tweedmouth Open Show where our judge for the day was Mrs Debbie Linden ‘Bruadair’. Honey won Junior and Molly was 2nd in Open. With thanks to our judge for a lovely day.


  • Today the dogs had a break while I still went to a dog show, as I was the judge for the day.

    I was judging 3 classes of beagles for Doncaster Canine Society at Newark and had a wonderful entry of 27 making 29 entries. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was delighted with the quality of the dogs entered.

    Below is a photo of me with my Best of Breed and my Best Puppy. Thanks to all the exhibitors for coming!!

April 2009 Judging Newark.jpg

March 2009

  • Today was Four Counties Beagle Club Champ Show at Belmont in Durham. I had an early start as I’m on the committee so had to be there early to help set up and man the kitchen!!

    Honey had the day off, as she cannot be shown at 4 Counties, as her co-owner is the show secretary. Molly was a star and showed her socks off for me and was placed 2nd in Limit bitch.

    Here is a photo of her waiting for her write up to be done.

March 2009 Molly FCBC.jpg
  • Today was Crufts at the NEC and our judge for the day was Mrs Linda Hawley ‘Bennae’.

    Honey was placed 3rd in Junior and although Molly showed well she went card less today. A couple of photos from the show are below.

March 2009 Honey Crufts.jpg
March 2009 Molly Crufts.jpg
  • Sheffield and District held an open show today at Newark and our judge for the day was Miss Hermione Peach ‘Pakowhai’.

    Honey won Junior and Molly was 2nd in open. Honey then went on to be awarded Best of Breed and was short-listed to the final 6 for Best in Show.

    With thanks to our judge for a lovely result.

March 2009 Honey Sheffield.jpg

January 2009

  • Easington & Peterlee held an open show at Scorton Agricultural Centre, which was a new venue to me, it was quite impressive just very cold!!

    Again we had two breed judges with Mrs Susan Arden ‘Madika’ judging dogs and Mrs Denise Close ‘Sparrowgill’ judging the bitches. I couldn’t enter Honey as Brian was judging gundogs at the show but I took Molly. She was in a strong open class but to my delight won and was then declared Best Bitch.

    With thanks to Mrs Close for the awards today.


  • Tyne Wear & Tees Hound Club held their Hound of the Year competition at Bowburn Hall tonight. All the hounds had to qualify to attend by winning either Best of Breed or Best Puppy at one of their two shows in the year. Both Molly and Honey qualified at the May show.

    Molly was up first in the adult classes and the pressure was on as she had won this competition last year. She got through several rounds as it’s held on a match basis but was finally beaten by a long haired daschund who was declared Reserve Best Hound of the Year.

    It was then Honey’s turn in the puppy heats. She won round after round and finally it was down to two Beagles for Puppy of the year, after a few tense moments Honey was given the nod and declared Hound Puppy of the Year and the other beagle was Reserve Puppy of the Year. An excellent night for the Beagles!!


  • Billingham Synthonia held an open show at Nissan sports hall and we had two breed specialist judges, Neil Stevens was judging dogs and Michelle Kingsland the bitches.

    I had entered both Honey and Molly under Michelle but Honey was in season so was unable to attend. Molly did well in a strong open class and was placed 2nd.

    With thanks to our judges for coming such a long way.